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TGI Friday's approached Teviot to redesign the iconic brand's logo to make it more modern and dynamic breathing fresh life into a brand that has been in existence since the mid 60's.

With over 950 restaurants worldwide and a turnover that has reached over $2.5 billion, TGI Friday's wanted their brand image updated in order for them to compete with the new modern emerging breed of casual restaurants. Our brief was to analyse the logo and evolve it to be fitting of a modern day restaurant.


Initially a team from Teviot flew out to the USA and TGI Friday's head office for a 2 week brand submersion to learn more about the implications of the re-brand, the brand itself and the global impact that the branding change would have. "Evolution not revolution" was the mantra.

When back on British soil, we started the creative design process. Ensuring we kept the fundamental iconic design of the red and white stripes, we created new designs, styles, colours and fonts. Once we had whittled down the options we arranged for these to be tested via consumer groups. The result was the logo above. It was felt that this logo had maintained the traditional iconic features of TGI Friday's but was more modern and up to date with the restaurant industry as a whole.

With the new logo chosen, the rebrand was to have a direct and immediate impact on the interiors and exteriors of the individual restaurants. In order to ensure synergy we were tasked with liaising directly with the internal architectural design team to keep them abreast of branding developments and its impact upon their long-lead times/ambitious schedule. Designing specific exterior signage, awning design and mapping customer journeys were all required to ensure a complete branding experience.

"Modernising such an iconic logo was very exciting. A lot of time was dedicated to research and analysing the marketplace to help us deliver a clean, refined logo that moved the brand forward and retained it's established identity."

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Due to the vast global nature of the re-branding, specialised internal teams were established to plan, and map out a coherent launch. This covered Business Development/Franchisees, Corporate/PR, HR, Internal Design, I.T. and Architectural Design.

General Manager conferences were held within each region to promote and explain the rebranding and remodelling of their restaurants. Teviot was responsible for the creative look and feel of conference branding, videos and relaunch packs to ensure it all corresponded with the new look and feel.


The reaction to the rebrand was really well received with the client really happy with the end result. The TGI Friday's brand continues to be a major player within the global restaurant market and successfully managed to transition itself from a restaurant stuck in the sixties to a restaurant befitting of modern 21st century design. On reaction to the roll out, we received some really positive comments from both the press and design industries.

"I like that the new logo has dropped the shape and gone with just a striped border. It's a simpler execution that maintains the main elements and is easier to apply and adapt to different facades or other applications." Quote referenced from