The Regis Corporation asked us to provide resource to handle their brand requirements, creating a streamlined process to handle and deliver multiple projects and attain better overall cost-efficiencies for the business across all brands.

The Regis Corporation is a hair salon company based in Minneapolis with a portfolio of over 9,700 hair salons across the globe. They have a range of brands aimed at a variety of different audiences. These brands although aligned with the central Regis strategy all contain different branding guidelines, identities and individual collateral items.

Regis faced an internal challenge for design and strategy support across their multiple brand portfolio with numerous brand teams needing support.


After an initial few months of establishing relationships with the various brand managers we set up a series of workshops in the US to better understand the business challenge and mutually agree with all of the key brand managers a more efficient future working methodology. These sessions not only provided a solid technical foundation but also provided the opportunity for an honest exchange of feelings and opinions that in turn developed better empathy.

This time spent in the US culminated in an agreed process and language (graphically illustrated) as well as the joint training, and introduction, of a new online web-based project management tool.

The ensuing weeks and months demonstrated the value of this invested time with a heightened sense of teamwork, enjoyment and efficiency.

"The biggest challenge that we faced here was finding a simple process that worked for every project across every brand spanning three different countries. It's been wonderful to see this process develop over the last year into a solid platform that everyone still works from."

Teviot Community


This new process for Regis had been navigated without any interruption to the delivery of creative services.

With Regis investing in a new online project management tool this has led to an efficient, transparent and unified method being implemented whereby consistent branded materials, to support North American salon marketing activities, have been delivered. All projects can be viewed in one place with employees from Regis and Teviot able to monitor the progress of jobs, allocate timing and costs for new jobs and ensure all completed jobs are finalised and completed. This tool has become integral to how the account runs with multiple jobs being executed and finalised every week. Over the course of the year our new strategy has seen the smooth transition of 1000's of projects. The branding teams have also benefited internally with our introduction of a new creative brief processes. This has enabled them to reflect on their needs by asking more probing questions like 'who, what and why'. In doing so, this has increased their internal productivity and encouraged them to gain a deeper understanding of each project they manage.

The success that the online system has had has resulted in a new methodology being adopted within the Minneapolis HQ by corporate communications and employee engagement teams.