Radisson RED


RED is built on an experience and an audience who love to travel and who are excited about
Art, Music & Fashion.

An opportunity to stand out

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group saw an opportunity to disrupt the mid-level hotel sector and create a new brand aimed at digital savvy guests. They partnered with Teviot to plan, concept and create the new brand and bring it to life across all relevant channels.

Radisson RED was to be a departure from the traditional hotel proposition and unique in its concept. Targeting what we defined as the 'Ageless Millennial' – we used psychographics rather than more 'traditional' demographics to help us understand and define our audience and in turn the brand DNA. This DNA threads through every aspect of the brand, both in-hotel and across all promotional material and media.

Taking a different path

There has never been a hotel launch campaign like this before.

We helped our audience fall in love with the brand before it even existed.

We started marketing the new RED brand several months before there were any actual hotels open or physical assets to promote, as we knew it was important to build strong brand anticipation and loyalty to engage our target audience on a global scale ahead of the full RED roll-out over the next five years.

For two months prior to the first hotel launch we carried out extensive research:

  • Understanding our audience
  • Identifying the networks in which they hung out
  • Examining the types of content that resonated with them
  • Who their main influences were

We also spent time reviewing and understanding what the competition were doing, and more critically what they weren’t doing.

We created Radisson RED’s comprehensive digital eco-system from scratch. We set it up so there would be engaging touchpoints and relevant content at every point in the customer journey.

Beating the competition

By the time the first hotel was ready to launch, social media engagement had left the competition in the dust. Perfectly targeted and curated content stimulates brand engagement and bookings well above the industry average in a highly competitive market place.


20% - Growth of 20% mom average


5% - total “book now” goals via blog or city guide (industry average is 4%)


17% - Instagram MoM follower growth

From the robust approach that was reflected in the initial planning and early development stage of the brand, through to defining the audience, the brand experience and creation of the brand platform, Teviot gave us confidence in their abilities form the word go.

- Richard Flores, Vide-President, Branding, Radisson & Radisson RED