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As part of a strategic brand re-orientation, the $21B Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group tasked us with the creation of a new 'collection' and the re-branding of two flagship 5* hotels, previously, Missoni Hotels.

The Quorvus Collection's two inaugural members were to be renamed as part of his process; The G &V Hotel (Edinburgh) and Symphony Style Hotel (Kuwait). We were also tasked with conducting a media campaign that focused on a Quorvus Collection awareness promotion across the Middle Eastern and European markets.

The Quorvus Collection is a new luxury brand of 5* hotels positioned to become one of the most iconic hotel collections in the world. The first two hotels, the G &V Hotel Edinburgh and Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait (previously Hotel Missoni Edinburgh and Hotel Missoni Kuwait) were both popular and recognisable due to their fashion inspired heritage. Our goal was to ensure we created two new brands that would symbolise the new luxury Quorvus Collection but also ensure our creative was iconic, to continue to attract and retain new and loyal audiences but also continue the properties' local prestige as being two of the most respected hotels within their respective city centres.


Once the foundation brief was agreed we moved on two fronts: the creative direction and the logistical implication(s) for the collection as a whole.

Creatively we started with the naming, graphics, TOV, styling proposals and below the line campaigns for the 5* market. While logistically we needed to be tight on the detail with all branding items listed and a master plan (incorporating lead time for production) created. Each hotel averaged 60 items.

We also reached out to our local suppliers as production was being handled locally. Full production specifications were drawn up and passed to the client to ensure the appropriate production quality.

Our final task was to co-ordinate a marketing campaign using our newly established brand guidelines to promote the brand across key Middle Eastern and European markets. Placements included the Financial Times, New York Times, Conde Nast, specialized Kuwait magazines, Kuwait, Dubai and London Heathrow Airports as well as digital placements appearing on sites such as CNN.com, Daily Telegraph Luxury and a collection of other 5* focused websites.

"Working on the branding and launch of the Quorvus Collection and it's two flagship hotels simultaneously was challenging, but we delivered to tight deadlines, while achieving the high quality finish and attention to detail befitting of a luxury hotel collection."

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This was the first project for the newly appointed Project Director (based in Brussels), with a Senior VP in Minneapolis and General Hotel Managers within Kuwait & Edinburgh completing the client team. Establishing relationships quickly was critical given the 5 month delivery timeframe. We all worked closely together throughout the creative process to ensure everybody's interpretation of the new brand was being achieved. We had a clear delivery deadline of early May and to ensure the collateral items would arrive in time, worked with an internal deadline of mid April.

A great team spirit developed across Edinburgh, Minneapolis, Kuwait and Brussels. This provided the foundation for a successful, on time, on budget project end.


This project was received well in a creative sense by all audiences and was delivered on time and to budget.

Our new client praised us for our professionalism, dedication, patience and expertise in getting the project live and completed on time. With the successful launch, we have subsequently developed the brand further together with local market activity being undertaken for the individual hotels.

By hitting the key deadlines throughout the project, the client was able to launch the brand at different global conferences and approach hotels within London, Sweden, Doha, Dubai, Finland, and Qatar to become part of the new Quorvus Collection brand.

Quorvus' mission is to become one of the world's most recognised luxury brands.

"Working with Teviot has transformed our work and the working relationship goes way beyond amazing creative solutions!"

Carlson Rezidor – Brussels