Martin Currie

Achieving stand-out in a regulated world

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Revolution not evolution

Martin Currie has over 130 years of history and expertise under it’s belt. They have been there, done that and know their stuff. However, the ‘old school’ nature of the Martin Currie brand was increasingly having a negative impact when it came to client perception of them as a modern and progressive organisation.

Having been acquired by US asset manager Legg Mason in 2014, Martin Currie began to realise that they needed to present a bolder and more confident brand image to help them stand out and appeal to an increasingly younger and more demanding type of client.

After a 5-way pitch, Teviot was selected to partner Martin Currie to help them fundamentally redefine their brand DNA and to bring this to life in a way that would positively set them apart from their competition.

Defining the brand DNA

Martin Currie had already undertaken research and value proposition with Interbrand. This research gave Martin Currie and Teviot a good steer regarding external positioning but was quite top-level. It became apparent that, in order to create a new brand DNA and identity that everyone could buy into and that would add maximum value, we needed to:

  • Assess, understand and validate the previous positioning work completed by Interbrand.

  • Undertake stakeholder workshops and focus groups to help us to gain insight into how the brand needed to portray, adapt and align with prospective new audience expectations and employee aspirations.

The output and learnings from these sessions was then aligned with the Interbrand research to inform concept development and ensure the new brand vision and creative execution at least matched (and as it transpired!) exceeded expectations!

More than just a logo

The result is a striking new brand headlined by a bold emblem which signifies heritage and prestige while also positioning Martin Currie in a modern and dynamic light. But it’s much more than just a logo.

The brand was considered and created with all channels in mind so it works as well across digital channels as it does on signage. And it provides the Martin Currie marketing team flexibility and ammunition to help attract both a broader and more focused target market and achieve a higher level of competitive stand out that

The new brand has received successful and enthusiastic buy-in across the organisation and beyond.