28th April 2017

Teviot’s Monthly Round Up: April

by Kate Walker, Social Media Content Executive

1. Happy Birthday to Teviot USA

Today is a great day, not only because it’s a Friday but because it’s three years ago to this day that we opened our US office in Minneapolis. Since opening in 2014 the US office have gone from strength to strength and it’s been an integral part of helping us develop our relationship with our US clients. Happy 3rd Birthday Teviot USA and here’s to many many more!


2. Fearless Girl Statue

Marketing Executive Chris Nelson gives his take on the thought provoking article by Greg Fallis about the Fearless Girl Statue

First off, I whole heartedly agree and take on board every point that Greg Fallis makes in his article about the ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue however I just wanted to make a couple points of my own:

  • Yes, this is a marketing tool. Marketers, do (as we do) take advantage of, and ride the wave of certain social situations, such as ‘International Women’s Day’. However, just because we are utilising an opportunity does not make our views and beliefs in such causes any less worthy or meaningful.
  • Teviot, owned by a woman and with many senior roles held by women, do care about the issues women face in the workplace – especially in our industry. State Street Global may have used this as a marketing opportunity but this does not make them care any less for the rights, beliefs and values that ‘International Women’s Day’ represents. In fact, they should be commended for their forthright actions of such a guerrilla campaign. Their industry is dominated by male egos where women have to fight 10 times harder for the respect and positions they deserve and are worthy of. Maybe there needs to be more ‘SHE’s’ on Wall Street and the Stock Exchange.
  • Greg Fallis mentions the change of symbolism of the ‘Charging Bull’ after the placement of the ‘Fearless Girl’. But here’s a thought… why not move the girl to be positioned standing side by side with the bull…would this not have a greater symbolic meaning for both sculptures?  I’ll leave that one with you.


3. Martin Currie

We are really pleased to be able to announce the launch of the new Martin Currie brand.

Martin Currie is an investment management company with offices in Edinburgh, London, Melbourne, New York and Singapore. They approached Teviot and asked us to help them re-brand, reposition and craft a new identity for them.

The new brand was based on research we conducted which helped us identify what the brand purpose was and what it stood for. We also collaborated with their marketing team and key stakeholders in workshops to ensure that everyone involved within the brand was part of the process and acted as ambassadors for the brand.

The above video shows the logo evolution from old to new – the client is delighted with the outcome and it’s safe to say that we’re pretty pleased with the end result too. Keep your eyes peeled for a more in-depth case study coming soon…

If you need your brand invigorating don’t hesitate to get in contact.  We can definitely help!


4. European CMO Insight Summit


Teviot MD and CMO Craig and Nick will be travelling to Turnberry on Monday 8th to participate in the European CMO Insight Summit.  It’s an exciting event that brings together senior marketing decision-makers and business leaders from across the continent and beyond to discuss current industry challenges, emerging opportunities in marketing – and how best to capitalise.

The 3-day summit will focus on key topics such as: taking storytelling to the next level through content creation, distribution and management; defining relevance and building brand strategies for a new world; and making sense of the exploding volumes of marketing data.

Craig and Nick will be meeting with senior people from a range of companies to talk through challenges they have and hopefully how Teviot may be able to help solve them.


5. Voca

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 4.19.01 PM

The Teviot team are pleased to see another one of our projects going live this month.  This time it’s one of our clients across the pond in the US.

Voca are a talent & recruitment specialist with physical locations in Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Kentucky, and New York.

Formerly known as Hire Investment, Voca approached Teviot with a view to re-ignite their brand and propel them ahead of their competitors across the US.

The project involved a full re-name and re-brand including positioning, visual identity, website and the design of key collateral material, both online & offline.

Keep an eye out for a more detailed case study over the next couple of weeks where we’ll share more of the ins, outs, whys and the hows of this project from start to finish.

In the meantime, check out their new site to see their new name and brand in action.  If you’re looking for a new career opportunity in the US, be sure to give Voca a shout!

If you think a new brand would help ignite your business, be sure to get in touch here to see how we could help.


6. Fun Fact Friday


So we thought we would end our round up with a nice little fun fact for your Friday afternoon.

Here it is!

When dogs are play fighting with each other and one of them sneezes it’s actually a signal for the other dog to tell them that it’s just play and it helps keep the fight from escalating into something more serious.

If someone sneezes at you when you’re out tonight, don’t worry – it probably means they’re just playing!!  Now go enjoy your weekend…

Kate Walker, Social Media Content Executive

Teviot’s Monthly Round Up: April