9th June 2016

What is the ‘Why’ of you?

by Jane MacDowall, Owner & Creative Partner

When you’re old and grey, sitting looking back on your life, what will you reflect on? Will it be on the goals you achieved or the opportunities you missed? Will you have led the life you wanted to lead? Will you have reached your vision? Did you even HAVE a vision?

At the start of all our brand projects, to get to the real root of where a brand is truly coming from, we spend a long time asking our clients questions but the first (and usually the hardest to answer) always starts with ‘why’. Why does your company exist and why should anyone care?

But have you ever asked yourself that question? What is the ‘why’ of you? Why do you exist and why should anyone care?

We spend so much time in the constant flurry of life we often don’t realise (or forget) who we really are! Are we living our true desires and aspirations or are we inadvertently living someone elses?

What is the ‘why’ of you?

You see you have only one life, with the emphasis firmly on ‘one’ and one day when all you can do is sit and stare, you will reflect back on that life and ask yourself that question.

But I believe the answer is really straightforward. I believe we only have to grasp one simple, yet crucially important truth.

You see all our behaviours are wrapped around our drive to meet five fundamental human needs:

1st – Certainty, the need to feel safe and secure.

2nd – Variety, the need for stimulus and change.

3rd – Significance, the need to feel worthy of attention.

4th – Love & contribution, the need to know that you belong and you have a purpose.

5th – Growth, the need to expand.

When you look through the list some will instantly resonate with you because we all have one or two that we are constantly trying to meet.

Interestingly our behaviour, both positive and negative, circles around whether these needs are under attack or being met.

One of these needs leads to our ultimate fulfilment though. The one truth we need to grasp is….

Fulfilment comes from simply giving and receiving love.

We all have a desire, deep down, to connect with people, to love and be loved and contribute to the world beyond that of just ourselves. Love provides certainty, variety, significance, and growth. All of the other four core human needs!

Reflect on this question for a moment, what are you without love?

Having researched the key to happiness for over 75 years, the boffins at Harvard have confirmed the love connection. They discovered that people who were in loving relationships with family, friends and community had a happier, healthier and longer life.

We get so caught up in the rat race of the commercial world that we have little capacity to step outside and consider why we do what we do?

We seem to spend the majority of our time ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’.

We have morphed into ‘human doings’ rather than human beings.

The dictionary defines the word ‘being’ as ‘the nature or essence of a person’ – Have you lost the nature and essence of you?

Have you lost your why?

I truly believe that each of us has the capacity to change the world. If the brand of Apple can change the world by producing beautifully designed inanimate objects, then how much more could the brand of you?

We spend so much time focusing our efforts on the commercial and service brands of the future, isn’t it time we spent a little more effort on the brand of us?

So I’d encourage you to find some time to stop, breathe, love and then contribute to something bigger than yourself.

You never know, you could just change the world.

Watch the video below to see my Leadercast presentation.


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Jane MacDowall, Owner & Creative Partner

What is the ‘Why’ of you?