11th July 2016

The Push

by Kat Summers, Designer

We’ve been working with St. Columba’s Hospice on their annual event, ‘The Push’, for the last three years and as well as taking part we worked with them on rebranding the event. We wanted to talk a bit about why we got involved, what we did and what we’ve gained from the experience.


Three little words that sum-up how we try to behave at Teviot. Three Little Words (TLW) adorn our studio walls and they’re all over our website but how do these words translate into action? One such event demonstrates all three in abundance; The Push.

The Push combines a collection of steep inclines and muddy off-road paths over 14, 20 or 26 miles through the beautiful Pentland Hills in Edinburgh. This seriously challenging event is held to raise funds in aid of the patients of St Columba’s Hospice and their family and friends.




Our executive director Doug MacDowall has been the driving force behind Teviot’s involvement. He tells us more about how Teviot has shaped this event and what’s in store for 2016:

“Teviot have signed up to a three-year commitment to be the key sponsor of the Pentland Push. We first entered the event after one of my friends suggested Teviot enter a Team and compete against them. In the first year we had five members in the team and we completed the distance in a pretty quick time and had great fun doing it. It helped to raise a lot of money for the hospice and it was also an amazing team building experience! I could see the event had so much potential but it was poorly branded (only targeted towards the over 50’s. Shit, I’m nearly there!) The brand was too soft and caring and didn’t feel ‘outdoorsy’ enough to merit the scale of the challenge. It’s tougher than Tough Mudder!! So I approached their marketing team and asked to get involved, and from there I became a member of the organising committee.”

Our initial step was to strip everything out and start again. From there we investigated what needed to be done to bring this event up to date and make it stand out.

Firstly, we changed the name of the event from ‘The Great Pentland Push’ to simply ‘The Push,’ a shorter, punchier name, to grab attention and try and convey that this is a physically challenging event.

Tasked with generating a much higher volume of participants, the creative execution had to elevate the brand in line with other renowned tests of endurance, while appealing to a broad audience of individuals, families, corporate teams, clubs and societies. The re-brand is bold, fun and plays on the uphill nature of the event.

4We redesigned T-shirts so they became a lot more desirable and fit for purpose to wear for the event. It was brilliant to see the huge mass of orange t-shirts snaked out across the hills right throughout the day, doubling as a great advert for the event, attracting other walkers and hill-runners in the Pentlands.

In terms of more traditional marketing channels, we updated the literature and produced flyers that were distributed throughout Edinburgh and surrounding areas and produced two large fully branded advertising gazebos. We took their Land Rover Defender and designed a striking full vinyl wrap and organised their launch evening in Hamilton and Inches.


We also created digital panels that were then used on the digital advertising pillars in Haymarket train station.

We also extended the route and made it 26.2 miles – a marathon distance. The various routes cater to all abilities; ‘The Nudge’, a 5 mile family-friendly walk, the 14 mile ‘bronze’, 20 mile ‘silver’ and marathon ‘Gold’ route. This really is not just a gentle walk in the hills; it’s a seriously demanding event that pushes most people well out of their comfort zone. The Push is a great team building exercise and it is incredible to see people going through some discomfort but coming out the other side energised and with a massive smile of achievement on their face.

We thought it would be a good idea to change the route each year, to mix it up and to encourage people to take part year after year, so we advised on start and finish points.

Commercial sponsorship was another of our recommendations. Not only to help the cost of holding the event but by attracting corporate attention we extended the credibility and reach.

As part of our partnership with The Push, we also benefit through our exposure within the Scottish business world as all marketing packs and presentations for The Push carry our name and logo. During the event TEVIOT also appears on all the branded pieces and the event start and finish hubs both display Teviot banners.



Giving something back is an important and natural part of Teviot’s culture so it is easy to understand why we would want to get involved with The Push. We genuinely believe in the outstanding work St Columba’s Hospice is doing and knew that we could use our skills and experience to turn this event around and help make it a much bigger and better event that raised more money and become a permanent fixture on the annual charity event calendar.

St. Columba’s Hospice is an Edinburgh charity helping people in Edinburgh and this event is one way for us to be able to help people and make a difference right on our own doorstep. We get lovely comments all the time from clients and potential clients who are amazed at how much of Teviot we are able contribute for the size of the agency we are.

Over the three years we’ve been involved, the combined time and financial commitment we’ve made to the charity is about £65,000 but it’s really not about money for us. We understand that we’re fortunate to be able to do something we love for a living and it’s important to us that we use our skills and experience to be able give something back to the community we work in.

We entered a team of five people in the first year of our involvement and increased to five teams of four last year and we hope to have even more people involved this year and help make 2016 the biggest Push yet!


Find out more on the The Push website.

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Kat Summers, Designer

The Push