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21st June 2016

That’s a Wrap!

by Sara McNaull, Account Manager

Executing two creative concepts; ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Street Heart’, we set out to capture RED’s anti-beige personality, identifying with anyone and everyone of an Ageless Millennial mindset. Using RED’s art, music and fashion ethos as our inspiration, we had a lot of fun creating the shots that will soon become the basis of brand level advertising for RED (once we filter through the thousands of great shots that is!).

After months of preparation, budgets, planning, and casting our first shoot kicked off at the studios of the very talented Laurence Winram, shooting ‘Express Yourself’ with our first two models. The atmosphere was nervous but exciting as you never really know exactly how the first shots are going to turn out, but they were amazing!

From there, the pace really picked up over the next few days, building on the madness of day one with a succession of amazing models coming through the doors. Things peaked with our group shots on Wednesday afternoon and honestly, by then Laurence’s studio felt more like a warehouse rave than a photoshoot!

Day four brought two new locations; The Biscuit Factory and The Soap Factory. The former being a fashion and arts hub and the latter is a disused building across the street, perfect for our ‘Street Heart’ concept. Both buildings had exposed brick and are at very different levels of renovation, I’m talking holes in the floor and crumbly walls (some of which were LOVINGLY painted by us on the first night after a last minute change in direction!)…all in the name of creativity though!

Naturally, there was dinner and drinks with our lovely clients every night to round off the day. Hey, they’d come all the way from the USA, of course we had to take them out!

We had a steady stream of super-cool, super-professional models, our amazing Teviot team running the show, Kristian Labak (Teviot creative director / super DJ) on the beats and continual snacks to keep the energy levels up (Harrrrrribbbo!) – what’s not to love about our job?!

We’ll be able to show the finished shots and what they’re used for in time but for now, here are a few sneak peaks behind the scenes!











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Sara McNaull, Account Manager

That’s a Wrap!