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3rd February 2017

Teviot 10: The Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time

by Stephanie Mathena, Designer

Image: Photo from the US Air Force, public domain.

A 30 second TV commercial during the Super Bowl now costs upwards of $5m compared to just $42,500 for an ad at the first Super Bowl in 1967. Although advertisers have just seconds of air time during the game, the most memorable ads are likely to circulate the web for months, or even years to come.

We asked our teams in the US and UK what their favourites were. Take a look at our Top 10!

1.  2013 Audi ‘Prom’ ad

One of my favorite commercials is this prom spot from Audi. It does what few brands are able to do successfully these days, connect me to a (positive) emotion. The “Go-for-it” mentality supplemented by the confidence inducing slick ride his dad gives him for the night. It makes me want to drive Audi’s, live bravely and kiss girls 😛

– Ryan Johnson, Project Coordinator US

2. 2012 ‘Bird of Prey’ Dorito ad

The Dorito commercials have the ability to make me laugh AND crave Doritos as well. I’ll always remember the Doritos commercials when asked after (sometimes you remember the ad, but not necessarily who it promotes)… so they accomplish a lot by doing very little!

– Skipp Boyenga, Senior Digital Account Manager US

3. 2017 ‘John Malkovich’ ad

Squarespace’s 2017 Super Bowl ad takes the cake for creativity and relatability, in my opinion! Simple, bold, brave, cleverly cut and immediately memorable. And John Malkovich rocks.

– Stephanie Mathena, Designer US

4. Chrysler ‘It’s Halftime’ ad

Not only does this ad have great historical significance, but its somber mood is also reminiscent of current tensions in America. I’m interested to see how the national mood will be portrayed in the upcoming 2017 Super Bowl commercials.

– Stephanie Mathena, Designer US

5. 2005 Budweiser ‘Frogs’ ad

It was so hard to choose one! 1979 Coke ‘Mean Joe Green’ and 1993 ‘Jordan vs Bird McDonald’s’ ads ran this close as they are timeless and ads I always think of when I think of the big game ads.

But this Bud Frog ad is just LOL!!

– Jake Goodew, Designer US

6. 2004 ‘We Will Rock You’ Pepsi ad

As much as I love the cute Budweiser puppy ads, in my eyes they will always come second best to this 2004 Pepsi Super Bowl advert. And do you know why this is my favourite Super Bowl advert? Because it’s three minutes of glorious, sassy, and fabulous GIRL POWER. It combines three of the biggest pop princesses on the planet, Britney, Pink and Beyoncé dressed as sassy gladiators, who instead of fighting each other to the death, throw down their weapons and unite in true girl power style against the evil emperor (played by Enrique Iglesias). They then turn Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ into their diva anthem and earn the support of the crowd who join in on their chant. I love this ad because although it was released 13 years ago it promotes strong women/the idea of women uniting together for a greater cause and in today’s world I think this idea is more important than ever!

– Kate Walker, Social Media Content Executive

7. 2007 Reebok ‘Terry Tate’ ad

I’ve loved these Terry Tate adverts for years. I feel they bring back the discipline often lacking in the modern workplace. I never knew they were for Reebok until recently though, turns out Felcher & Sons isn’t a real company. Under no circumstances should you google the word Felcher or its variants, especially not at work…

– Jamie Kerr, Creative Artworker

8. Budweiser ‘Puppy’ ad

I’m not a Bud drinker, and I would speculate that it is unlikely I ever will be. I also very rarely share commercials on social channels. But with this I couldn’t not. Combine a puppy, a heart-warming story and a classic song and you’ve got a winner in my opinion. Whether or not I’m a Super Bowl fan or a Bud drinker this commercial did its job in grabbing my attention and getting me to interact with it. I shared it, I liked it, I commented on it, I spoke about it.  A great ad doesn’t necessarily drive customers to buy that product or service, it gets attention and gets people talking. This one did just that.

– Chris Nelson, Marketing Executive

9. 2015 No More ad

In the midst of the many frivolous ads that play during the Super Bowl, this ad from No More immediately captures your attention through impactful imagery and heart-wrenching audio. They’ve done a number of ads through the years to raise awareness on domestic violence and this one gives me chills every time.

– Stephanie Mathena, Designer US

10. 2010 Old Spice ad

This is a great ad. It’s brilliantly written, superbly acted and is absolutely hilarious. And most importantly it’s really different and therefore really memorable. I couldn’t imagine even considering buying Old Spice until I saw this ad. It single handedly makes something uncool, cool.

– Nick Cole, CMO

We also had to include this one too even though it’s not a TV ad!! And yes, we know it’s Teviot 10, not Teviot 11!

oreo power outage tweet

The Oreo power outage tweet from 2013. Great bit of instant, reactionary marketing from them. They had a team of people in a room watching the Super Bowl that night ready to respond to any great plays, foul play or whatever might happen at an instants notice: designers, marketers, copywriters, strategist and stake holders who could approve a tweet instantly. Then, in the 3rd quarter there was a power outage for half an hour and they cobbled together a tweet and graphic that done the viral rounds almost instantly.

– Jason Evans, Senior Developer

Stephanie Mathena, Designer

Teviot 10: The Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time