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5th May 2016

Appy Days!

by Steve Christie, Agency Development Director

Every man and their dog has an app these days. Every forward thinking accountancy firm has it’s own app that tells you the amount you’ll have to save between now and retirement to be able to afford a tin of beans once and week and every builders merchant is able to tell you how many tons of hardcore you’ll need for that never-to-be-started patio. The problem with a huge amount of the apps though is that they’re simply a bolt-on afterthought with no real value to the user.

The brief for our Radisson Red app was the total opposite, it was to form the central core of the guest experience. It was important that we streamline their stay and interactively connect them directly to various parts of the hotel to make sure their needs are met quickly and efficiently, removing a lot of the time-sucking activities that traditional hotels still suffer from.

Waiting at the check-in desk is a thing of the past as you can now check-in using the app on your way into the hotel. When you register your device with the app, it then also serves as a keyless entry system to your room so no faffing about trying to find the room card. I mean, who leaves a hotel room without their phone these days, right?

Radisson RED App Screen - Keyless Entry

Hungry and tired at the end of a long day? No worries, you can order food direct from the kitchen through the app as well. Choose what you want, where you want to eat it and how you want to pay for it and they’ll give you a shout when it’s ready. It does other things as well but I think you probably get their idea by now.

Radisson RED App screen - OuiBar

Developing ‘RED’ from scratch meant we weren’t hampered by any ‘olde worlde’ thinking that more established brands seem encumbered with. We came at it with fresh eyes and open-minded thinking and used ‘guest experience first’ as a touch point for the entire brand. This meant that the app was always an integral part of the guest experience, and the whole brand, from the very beginning.

We’re thrilled to be considered for this award alongside Skyscanner and Expedia, two long-established giants of the tourism industry. Whatever happens, it’s another acknowledgement of the huge amount of effort the entire Teviot team has put into this brand over the last three years and I couldn’t be more proud of them Fingers crossed…

Radisson RED App Screen Map

Update 1.6.17 – Well, we didn’t win this time but to be shortlisted alongside Skyscanner and Expedia was still very cool. Skyscanner were the eventual winners and to be beaten by such a juggernaut of an app is no disgrace. Next time though Skyscanner, next time…

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Steve Christie, Agency Development Director

Appy Days!