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26th July 2016

You Only Get One Shot

by Alex Barczuk, Account Director

Good photography can be the visual glue that holds a design piece, a campaign, an advert or even a brand together. When marketing a brand’s products or services through visuals, more often than not photography can take the back seat. We see brands daily using low- res stock images or images grabbed from someone’s mobile phone not realising the detriment it has on the integrity of the brand, all in the aim of saving some money.

We were recently tasked with putting together a photoshoot for our friends at Regis for one of their brands. A photoshoot is a terrific avenue for marketing, it excites the team and channels creativity, and to be honest we totally love doing them, especially when we get to work with the fabulously talented Hamish and Matt from H Campbell Photography. But taking a step back… and looking into what benefits these shoots have for the brand? We all know that photoshoots can become quite pricey especially ones that involve many models so why do them? What’s the bigger picture and why is it important…

TeviotSupercuts_LA (16)

In this visual world we live in where we are inundated with a constant overload of imagery, good photography can easily make or break a brand.

Smart brands are using professional photography that allows them to evolve and helps tell or showcase a visual story of who they are, what they do and stand for. Images help communicate a brands value, so when low quality stock images are used, it often portrays a message they weren’t hoping for! As every brand creates content that can be viewed, seen on the street, in-store or online to attract customers, the quality of the imagery becomes increasingly ever more important. Opting for professional photography creates a message that makes it unique and differentiates them from their competitors.

TeviotSupercuts_LA (7)

Good photography helps engage an audience, and gives them a clear understanding of the offering. Brands only get that one first impression to engage a viewer, so making sure their marketing materials are well designed with high impact, unified brand images that compliment them will give them a consistent visual foundation across all channels.


The unique trait of a professional photographer is to capture the emotions that a brand brings to its customers; people look for the emotional value when making a purchase decision. A professional photographer helps bring out the natural, un-staged raw features, they capture just the right angles, the right lighting, that perfect interpretation – who they are as a brand and what they stand for. The right styling and consistency in the images through a professional photoshoot can elevate the brand to that next level, separating them from the crowd.


Photographs help to tell the story, and after doing our Regis shoot, (being so meticulous and persistent with the story we wanted to tell) we now have a bank of imagery that we can use across all channels that portrays the brand just as we had hoped and envisioned. Taking the road less traveled, is always so worth the trip!



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Alex Barczuk, Account Director

You Only Get One Shot