24th March 2017

Teviot 10: 35 years of Coca-Cola ads with Marcos De…

by Chris Nelson, Marketing Executive

Image: Mike Mozart /

After nearly 35 years with the company, Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto is retiring from Coca-Cola.  In honor of his tenure, we’ve picked out ten of our favorite commercials over this time.

These ads are a celebration of one of the world’s best known global brands, incorporating those ad’s from the beginning of his career with Coca-Cola to the most recent “Taste the Feeling” campaigns.  De Quinto is credited with both integrating the four cola brands under “one brand” as well as being credited to the “resurgence in the quality of Coca-Cola advertising”.  These are the lol’s, the aww’s and the ones we all remember.

1. The First Diet Coke Commercial, 1983

2. Coca-Cola commercial with Matt LeBlanc (Bus Stop Cant beat the feeling), 1990

3. Coca-Cola, Always Coca-Cola, 1993

4. Coca-Cola Christmas Ads Mash Up, 1995

5. Animated Coca-Cola Vending Machine Factory, 2006

6. Coca-Cola Videogame, 2007

7. FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola, 2014

8. Best Coke Ever, 2015

9. Brotherly Love, India, 2016

10. Pool Boy, 2017

Chris Nelson, Marketing Executive

Teviot 10: 35 years of Coca-Cola ads with Marcos De…