20th October 2017

Five things we learned from the Annual Hotel Conference 2017

by Ed Vickers, Managing Partner

This year’s annual hotel conference in Manchester was an ideal opportunity for us as brand experts in hospitality to hear the thoughts of the industry and network with leaders across the hotel spectrum. From small individual boutique hotels to the big brands, from developers and architects to tech companies and futurists bringing new ideas and developments to ensure that the hotel experience remains relevant and engaging in an ever more competitive marketplace.

We’ve highlighted the five key areas that we think are going to influence and drive the hospitality industry forward.

1. A strong economy will drive hotel growth

The global economy is buoyant; demand is high for travel in spite of Brexit and increased terror threats. Over the next few years travel is going to be influenced by: New Markets, Technology, Consumer Spending & Brexit

2. Brand is misunderstood

The global hotel brands continue to add new brands to their portfolio. What was a big surprise for us as a Brand Consultancy, was the misunderstanding of what brand means. The perception is that if you as a hotel owner didn’t have one of the large hotel brands in your portfolio you simply didn’t have a brand.

3. The Guest Experience is changing

In a time where services have very much become a hygiene factor (free WiFi anyone? – seriously this is no longer a USP guys!), the expectation of guests is shifting considerably. The wellness economy will continue to change the way we look at our travel experiences. The next generation are much more concerned about their health and wellbeing meaning their needs from a hotel will change – think spa not bar.

4. Technology is going to continue to drive change and efficiency

Artificial Intelligence is already starting to replace some labour, with virtually all recruitment now online. But there will also be more focus on guest centered operation such as digital keys and digital concierge services.

Virtual Reality is taking off in a big way. As the technology becomes more affordable it also plays strongly to the experiential space that more and more people expect to see.

 5. The Online Experience continues to lag behind

In general, the hotel and hospitality digital offering still lag behind the rest of the travel and tourism industry. There are so many missed opportunities to leverage better Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), look at social media as a relationship channel rather than a direct sales channel whilst also integrating social activity better with SEO and generally moving towards a much more user friendly experience.

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Ed Vickers, Managing Partner

Five things we learned from the Annual Hotel Conference 2017