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6th October 2016

You Know You’re a Designer When…

by Jim Ramsay, Design Director

If you’ve ever tried to command Z in real-life or you actually know the translation of lorem ipsum, chances are you’re a creative designer. The following may seem zany and leftfield to some, but they form the very DNA of what sets designers apart; an eye for detail, a desire to improve existing ‘design’ and the heart-felt appreciation of all things considered. As such, we have compiled these tell-tale signs so you know you’re a designer when…


  1. “…your tea strength is graded by Pantone.”

If ‘milk and two’ translates to Pantone 153 in your head we really don’t need to consult Mz Dar Jeeling and her leaves to know design is just your cup of tea.



  1. “…you judge a restaurant by its menu design not its actual menu.”

Ok, so this may sound extreme but if the menu layout of your local Trattoria leaves a bad taste in your mouth, or the Papyrus typeface has you reaching for the Rennies then newsflash – you’re a designer.



  1. “….you know the difference between crimson and scarlet.”

You say potato and I say potato, you say tomato I say carmine, cherry, rose, crimson, scarlet, blush, garnet, ruby, vermillion, coral…. You get my drift.



  1. “….you buy beautifully packaged food that you will never open.”

If truth be told you have various items out on display that you will never, EVER open. So you’re lactose intolerant, but it never stopped you smuggling the moolicious milk packaging back from Tokyo. You don’t actually care about the contents, but when it comes to cool packaging you’ve just got to have the cream of the crop.



  1. “….you dread friends getting engaged as you’ll be asked to do the wedding invites.”

Everyone loves a good wedding right? Well everyone that is except designers. While the rest of your friends are picturing white doves and two soul mates destined to be together, all you can see is the request to marry marbled paper with curly typefaces that look more at home on an Elizabeth Duke necklace. Other jewelers are available.



  1. “….you buy a foreign film poster while on holiday, you can’t read it but you buy it anyway.”

So you buy a poster while on holiday, you have no idea what it says, what it’s promoting or how you’re going to get it home without a crease. But what you do know is exactly which wall it’s being hung on, as soon as you unpack.



  1. “….you never leave home without a Moleskine.”

While most never leave home without their keys, wallet or smart phone, you always reach for your trusted Moleskine. And why not? It’s like an automatic pass to get into hipster locations (like a key), you store emergency money in its expandable pocket (like a wallet) and you can sketch instead of snapping a pic (like a phone).



  1. “….the sight of orphans or widows deeply offends you.”

Admittedly, no one likes to see a little orphan dangling for dear life out there on their own, or worse still a poor widow left to fend for herself. However, if your compassion to rescue them has you reaching for your red pen not your red purse, you’re a designer that cares.



  1. “….you try to command Z in real life.”

Whether you’ve dropped your new iPhone in the bath (don’t ask) or filled your diesel hybrid with unleaded petrol (don’t ask) as a designer we’ve all done it. We’ve all systematically reached out to click that magic keyboard shortcut. Sadly, unless your degree is from Hogwarts this trickery just doesn’t work for us Muggles in real life.



  1. “….you know the file named ‘final’ will never be the final file.”

Last, but by no means least is the naming of that signed-off, client approved, ready to go to print file. Because we all know as soon as you insert ‘final’ into the name, you’re inserting the final straw to ever beating the final countdown.


Jim Ramsay, Design Director

You Know You’re a Designer When…