7th October 2015

The Library of Typography

by Kat Summers, Designer

With an endless world of inspiration at our Googling fingertips, it seems we have less time for getting stuck into a good book.

Sitting down with a book is an experience – the cover design, the smell of the print and feel of the paper all engage our senses, the time and effort involved in writing and producing these books result in carefully curated collections of graphic goodness. Here is just a small selection on graphic design, and typography in particular, in the hope to inspire more of us to keep print alive!




Produced by creative duo, TwoPoints.Net, the ‘I Love Type’ series beautifully portray how today’s graphic designers are breathing new life into classic typefaces through inventive type treatments, layout arrangements, special printing methods and much, much more. The fluorescent-edged pages and spines also look great on the studio bookshelf! Now with 8 titles in the series, here are just three examples.



Simon Garfield 

Just My Type is a light-hearted, fact-filled introduction into the history and origins of some of the world’s most popular fonts. With short chapters about individual typefaces, the stories of their origins and the typographers who designed or re-invented them, it’s one you can always dip into.


Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media

Robert Klanten 

Excellent visual inspiration for anyone obsessed with Editorial design. The various stages of a publication’s conceptualisation, design, and production are covered in countless examples. A relevant resource for magazine design and typography – from cover design to page layout.



Laura Meseguer

TypoMag analyses excellence in the use of typography in the magazine world. Covering a good range from established publications to small indie mags, with lots of lovely custom-made fonts, and more traditional layouts, this book makes you want to go and spend all your money on magazines.



Michael Evamy

A logo bible, this book is a brilliant reference for logo design. More than 1,300 logos are grouped according to their basic form – ‘circular’, ‘flowers’, ‘just type.’ The collection includes the work of past masters, such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass, alongside great new work from contemporary designers. A series of short chapters discuss the most recent developments in logo design. Michael Evamy has since produced another book in similar vain, specific to logotypes.



Tony Seddon

Perhaps it’s one of those things you just learn from doing but often it’s hard to know where to begin when combining fonts. This handy book has some classic combinations mixed with some more unusual styles, a good book to flick through when you need quick examples of typefaces working well together.


Palette 03: Gold & Silver: Metallic Graphics


The third volume in the ‘Palette’ series, Gold & Silver – Metallic Graphics features high-end and innovative design projects that really go for it with gold and silver foil printing. A beautifully designed resource that attracts those magpie-like tendencies in us designers!


Typography Sketchbooks

Steven Heller

Over 100 renowned designers and typographers open up their private sketchbooks in this visually packed collection. This book is image-rich with detailed typographic observations and sketchy experiments; a great insight into the creative process behind visual problem solving.


The small stakes music posters

Jason Munn

An excellently presented collection of silk-screened music posters; designed by graphic artist Jason Munn. Since the early days of the record sleeve scene, the music industry has been a major platform for highly creative work. Munn’s work is full of metaphor-rich imagery and beautifully executed typography.


How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul

Adrian Shaughnessy

A kind of manual for designers, this book is full of advice from industry professionals for both graduates through to established designers. Delving into many of the issues designers face on a daily basis, in chapters ranging from ‘The creative process’ to ‘Winning new work’ the book also features interviews with leading creatives from around the world. Even better – it’s designed by Bibliothèque, so you can expect beautiful typesetting throughout.


"Inspiration. From real life. I open my eyes and I travel and I look. And I read everything. "

Erik Spiekermann

Kat Summers, Designer

The Library of Typography