But I’m Not Religious!

'For those who don’t do church...'

TryPraying is a seven-day prayer guide, but it’s not what you think... It’s a resource directly aimed at people outside the religious community.


The TryPraying booklet encourages people to embark on a seven day prayer journey and see how praying can enrich their lives. The booklet and app contain stories of answered prayers, ideas of things to do and ways to connect with God.

The Challenge

With their old app underperforming TryPraying came to Teviot and asked for some help to breathe life back into it. We were tasked with the challenge of not only building and redesigning their app but to also build them a completely new website that would complement each other and give a full package service to its users.

We were also asked to:

  • Complete an audit of the content on their old site and trim it down accordingly, selecting the most relevant information to be displayed on the new site.
  • Create a section where people who have downloaded and used the TryPraying app could upload and share their stories.
  • Create an order form for users to receive a hard copy of the seven day prayer guide booklet.

One key challenge of the overall project was ensuring that the website and app would engage and connect with people outside of the religious community.

For some, the topic of religion can be a turn off and difficult to take in, they have little interest in the topic, so there was a challenge to try and get people who have no real connection with the church interested and excited about a prayer app. However, what made the project so great was the fact that the guys at TryPraying didn’t want their site or app to come across as overly religious and preachy. So, this of course made it much easier for us at Teviot to use our creative minds to build something that we knew people across the board would find interesting and exciting to look at, whether they were religious or not.

How did we do it?

By working closely and building up a strong client relationship we were able to identify the needs and requirements of TryPraying, which helped us to create a project specification. Teviot spent time studying the analytical data in order to identify the key areas that needed to be improved, such as lowering bounce rates, driving traffic to the booklet order page and generally increasing site views and then got to work.

We designed the new site using the most recent and best UX techniques, this included a full review of the old site content, working closely with the client to adjust and streamline the content, creating a much more accessible message. The front end was built using HTML, CSS utilizing other libraries and frameworks (jQuery and Bootstrap).

CMS setup and integration was tailored to suit the needs and aims of the client and project. Creating a custom WordPress build and moulding it to TryPraying’s needs using custom fields, custom post types and a tailored CMS menu making it as easy and as accessible for the client to navigate and use.

The new site and app was tested on all popular modern browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera) and on popular mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry) to ensure that the site and app was fully responsive and met best practice and w3c standards.

Tech Breakdown

  • Full app build
  • Full digital re-brand
  • Content review and report
  • Front end site design using best/latest UX techniques
  • Front end build
  • Content management system set-up & integration
  • Strenuous Testing
  • Content management/migration
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Ongoing support

The Result

A highly polished, modern and informative app and website that has increased traffic, awareness and “custom” for TryPraying as a whole.

Since launch, site traffic has averaged 2,600 sessions and the app has been downloaded over 3000 times.

"I've just had a quick look at the sites (trying to look at them as a normal person would!) and they look fantastic. Really great. Well done and thanks to you and your team. Next step is promoting them!  Which I¹m looking forward to because they are so good, I¹m keen for others to see them too."

Kamala at TryPraying