Our clients, The Carlson Rezidor Group, saw an opportunity in the marketplace to create a new hotel proposition aimed at the tech-savvy ageless millennial interested in art, music and fashion.

Radisson RED is a radical departure in the Upscale Lifestyle Select marketplace, both in the hotel offering and how the brand was promoted.



Having developed the new Radisson RED brand, Teviot’s next challenge was to design and build them an equally exciting and engaging website.

The Challenge

Radisson RED’s first hotel was to launch in Brussels in early 2016. We needed to create a website which could initially be used as a brand website, but would also then function as a booking site as each new hotel opened.

Social media was at the forefront of the Radisson RED marketing strategy so we needed to ensure that it was a key part of the website’s design.

The website needed to be CMS driven and have the capability to grow as new hotels were added.

How did we do it?

We were able to identify the needs and requirements of Radisson RED by building up a strong client relationship, this helped us to create the project specification. As this was a completely new site for a new brand, there wasn’t any previous website data for us to review. Instead we researched into the needs of their target market, the ageless millennial. It was important for us to understand their needs to ensure the website and Radisson RED brand would appeal to them.

From our research we found that this group are heavily invested in social media, so we knew this had to play a big part in the new website. We built a dynamic social wall into the homepage, pulling through posts from the Radisson RED social media accounts, this way the homepage would always be up to date with the latest content news.

We designed the new site using the most recent and best UX techniques, this included a full review of the old site content, working closely with the client to adjust and streamline the content to fit the new site design and structure. The front end was built using HTML, CSS utilizing other libraries and frameworks (jQuery and Bootstrap).

WordPress CMS setup and integration was tailored to suit the needs and aims of the client and project. Creating a custom WordPress build and moulding it to Radisson RED’s needs using custom fields, custom post types and a tailored CMS menu making it as easy and as accessible for the client to navigate and use.

Tech Breakdown

  • Full digital brand
  • Front end site wireframing and design using best/latest UX techniques
  • Technical Front end build (HTML, CSS, jQuery)
  • Content Management System build and integration (PHP)
  • Testing (on all modern browsers and devices)
  • Content management/migration
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Strategy
  • Ongoing support

The Result

The result was a new exciting site which encapsulated the Radisson RED Brand and spoke to the ageless millennial mindset. Averaging nearly 40,000 hits a month and 1500 booking link clicks with only one hotel open so far, the Radisson RED website is out performing expectations and is set to grow even more with the addition of new hotels.