The EDI Group are a property development and investment business based in Edinburgh.
They breathe life back into buildings and plots of land and turn them into amazing spaces for workers, residents and global visitors.


The Challenge

With the EDI Group growing in success the overall brand and web presence was outdated and did not suit the direction that they were headed. To solve this problem they approached us at Teviot, where we were given the challenge of creating a more modern look and feel to the brand and website. EDI tasked us with a full brand re-design, full web design and build of the website with content migration from the previous site.

We were also asked to:

As well as migrating all of EDI’s previous content onto the new site there were a number of new aspects and challenges that awaited us on the new site. We had to roll out a staged release of the site due to EDI’s campaign schedule.

1st stage - This stage was a static build with limited content
2nd stage - The second was a full CMS WordPress build with complete content including ‘development projects’ and ‘about us’ sections

Both of these required a close working relationship and constant interaction with the EDI team to ensure that all of their were met.

How did we do it

Our team worked closely with the EDI Group in order to identify their needs and aims of the overall project, which was then presented through a project specification. We studied the analytic data to identify any key areas that could be worked on, such as bounce rate and session duration.

The new EDI site was designed using the latest and best UX techniques and the data that we had gathered from studying the previous site allowed us to structure and arrange the content accordingly. The front end was built using HTML, CSS utilizing other libraries and frameworks (jQuery and Bootstrap). In order to suit the functional needs of the project and client WordPress was used for CMS setup and integration. We created a custom WordPress build and moulding it to EDI’s needs using custom fields, custom post types and a tailored CMS menu making it as easy and as accessible for the client to navigate and use.

To ensure that the new site was fully responsive and to iron out any last minute issues we tested the site on all modern browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera), and also on popular mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows phone, Blackberry). We also provide ongoing support for any issues or tweaks that the EDI Group or users of the EDI site may come across.


  • Full digital re-brand
  • Front end site design using best/latest UX techniques
  • Front end build (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap)
  • Content Management System integration (WordPress, PHP)
  • Testing (on all modern browsers and devices)
  • Content management/migration
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Ongoing support

The Result

A freshly designed brand and website that captures EDI’s brand vision, giving complete control to the client through the customised CMS.

A more accessible and coherent current and past projects section has seen a sharp increase in feedback regarding important matters, which is vital for the developments EDi are involved in. This information is even more accessible now that the website is fully responsive and easily viewed on mobile.

The website, along with the brand refresh has invigorated EDI’s online presence and made them more recognisable.