The Ben Riach distillery located in ‘The heart of speyside’ has been distilling premium traditional whiskey since 1898. The 2015 “Whisky Distiller of the Year” was acquired by american company Jack Daniels in 2016, continuing its sharp rise in popularity.


The Challenge

With an outdated and underperforming website and having recently undergone a brand re-fresh BenRiach came to Teviot with the task of creating a modern and responsive website that did justice to their new brand.

Their old CMS was clunky and became difficult to manage, they needed a new CMS that would allow for ease of use and future customisation.

BenRiach had a huge amount of content to be transferred from their old site and into the new site structure and tone of voice, something that needed to be managed carefully by all involved.

How did we do it?

By working closely and building up a strong client relationship we were able to identify the needs and requirements of BenRiach, which helped us to create a project specification. Teviot spent time studying the analytical data of the old site in order to identify the key areas that needed to be improved in the new build, such as lowering bounce rates, directing traffic to certain areas and generally increasing site views.

We designed the new site using the most recent and best UX techniques, this included a full review of the old site content, working closely with the client to adjust and streamline the content to fit the new site design and structure. The front end was built using HTML, CSS utilising other libraries and frameworks (jQuery and Bootstrap).

Wordpress CMS setup and integration was tailored to suit the needs and aims of the client and project. Creating a custom WordPress build and moulding it to BenRiach’s needs using custom fields, custom post types and a tailored CMS menu making it as easy and as accessible for the client to navigate and use.

Some of the custom CMS work undertaken:

  • Inputting stockists to a map
  • Uploading whiskeys to specific filtered sections
  • Adding and editing multiple contact forms for tours
  • Custom fields to allow input of whiskey info and about us history timeline
  • Custom posts for events and news articles.

The site was strenuously tested on all popular modern browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera) and on popular mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry) to ensure that the site was fully responsive and met best practice and w3c standards.

Tech Breakdown

  • Full digital re-brand
  • Front end site wireframing and design using best/latest UX techniques
  • Technical Front end build (HTML, CSS, jQuery)
  • Age verification page with country and age specific access
  • Social integration (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Content Management System build and integration (PHP)
  • Testing (on all modern browsers and devices)
  • Content management/migration
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Strategy
  • Ongoing support

The Results

A highly robust, freshly designed website that captures BenRiach’s brand vision, offering complete control to the client through the customised CMS.
With the new site fully responsive it has seen a 3 thousand visit increase over a 6 month period compared to the same period on the previous site.

BenRiach has also seen a steady increase in new visitors since the new site went live and a massive improvement on the bounce rate, a 14% decrease meaning people are staying on the new site for longer and navigating to pages past the home screen.