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The Rezidor Hotel Group – employers of an EMEA-wide family of 40,000 individuals – recognised the need to more concisely explain their employment commitment to future & current 'Rezidorians'. The group decided that they needed to draw up a new Employment Value Proposition (EVP) in order to create one voice that spoke directly to current and prospective new employees that stated how important people are in building the success of the group.


In order to get the process started, a team from Teviot flew to the Rezidor Head Office in Brussels to meet with the clients and discuss the proposal. Following on from this meeting, it was clear that the first steps needed were to create a brand platform that tied-in and complemented the existing internal concepts associated with corporate strategy. From there, the core creative objectives were very clear: Teviot needed to:

  1. Provide Rezidor with tools flexible enough for global adaptation of brand.

  2. Capture an abundance of stylised local content to suit broader market specifics.

It became clear to us that this was to become a reality through multiple Teviot-directed film/photoshoots, and a mammoth 3-month collateral development push.

The result was that all creative was to be focused around the message 'Our Promise.'

To ensure we were focusing on the correct channels an internal audit was carried out by the client ensuring that a priority was given to channels and materials with the biggest 'people impact'; engaging the existing team and enhancing future employees' experience.

To sync all online and offline efforts, careful consideration was taken to design layout and wire framing of the Our Promise 'web portal'. All in the name of promoting a seamless journey and transition for Rezidorians: from printed induction materials to online engagement with blogs and brand-sites.

The vital statistics:

  • x3 photoshoots, with 25+ Rezidorians, across three different hotels.

  • x2 one-day movie shoots, with a cast and crew of 15+.

  • Generation of 1,000 plus shots and a six-minute hero video for brand.

  • Creation of more than 50 individual pieces of promotional collateral, including a 72pp brochure, extensive brand guidelines, social media graphic elements and presentation decks/materials.

The Brand Guidelines became a foundation for what was built, and online/offline collateral packs & hero imagery were the bricks and mortar for the new Our Promise structure.

"We were delighted to accept the challenge of developing and integrating a new employee-centric brand across 72 countries, all represented by our friends at Rezidor. I believe that during the past nine months working together, we have created not only a relevant, engaging and enviable proposition (something that's quite rare in the industry), but have also built relationships that will last a lifetime."

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Launched at the Carlson Rezidor Global Business Conference 2014 by Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Rezidor's Chief Executive Officer, a presentation deck and movie were further developed to convey the journey travelled and the messages uncovered. New workshops were held for all attendees; allowing hands-on time with brand teams to fully engage Rezidorians with Our Promise. For an extra 'wow factor', lifts and lobbies of conference spaces were also 'dressed' in secret, to increase emotional impact once delegates exited main speaker sessions.


As a follow-up to the initial conference launch, the Our Promise programme went live across the 72 countries represented by Rezidor. Area Teams began working side-by-side with us (brand guardians), to produce local collateral and breathe life into the exciting new brand.

To date, each of the regions involved has started developing their own unique tools and engagement packs to reinforce and grow brand messaging; culminating in a wildfire spread of Our Promise mantra and consistent style throughout the EMEA.

Initial reactions from our clients have been well worth all of our efforts:

"Teviot instantly 'got it'. They connected with the Our Promise concept and transformed text and ideas into a beautiful brand that all our employees are very proud of. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication to deliver a creative and fresh concept was invaluable and just what we needed to bring this project to life. Thank you – we love you guys!"